Working Sieves used in laboratories construction and paving

Four working sieves on the white background with different height and opening.
Working sieves can be made into different height, diameter and openings.

What Do We Mean By Working Sieves?

Because we carry high precision Mid-Point and Mesh Certified Test Sieves (MCTS) we need to make a distinction between them and the work-horse sieves used day to day. These sieves that do not require special inspection but need to conform to the basic standards of ASTM E-11, we call Working Sieves. The Working Sieves are available in Brass frames with brass or Stainless Steel mesh. We also supply stainless steel frames with stainless steel mesh. Working Sieves are available with 8 inch and 12 inch diameter frames. The frames are full height and one half height depths.

These sieves are constructed using ASTM standard wire cloth (mesh) and are supplied with a Certificate of Conformance. The mesh has not been individually inspected. Each sieve has a serial number which is related to a lot number.

Working Sieves are used in a diverse range of industries that include construction, mining, food, soil testing pharmaceuticals. They can be checked against master stacks, master samples or calibration spheres (beads) to test for wear or mesh damage.

There are no more economical and practical sieves for everyday use where extra tight and traceable standards are not required.

These Working Sieves are the intelligent choice for the application that has a limited requirement for traceability but needs a work horse sieve to perform on test after test.

Working sieves 8"x2" brass / stainless steel frames from 0.025 - sieves used in laboratories construction and laboratories paving.

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