Sieve Shakers

Sieve shaker with 8 inch test sieves on the white background.
8 inch sieve shaker.

8" sieve shakers
8" SS-15 Sieve Tester is a budget, portable, 8" / 203 mm sieve shaker designed to outperform other comparably priced equipment. The 1/4-hp unit is widely accepted by state transportation departments for highway materials testing. Back and forth lateral motion is combined with up and down and tilting motions to cause test material to travel in an orbit on the sieve surfaces. This forced travel assures full use of test sieve mesh area without precise leveling of the tester. The SS-15 is recommended primarily for No. 4 to No. 200 size range, but may be used with larger material sizes when specifications for sieve loading and sample quantities permit. The Tester holds 6 full-height sieves and pan or 13 half-height sieves and pan. Clamp bar with attached cover secures sieves. The 15-minute timer has an adjustable knob-stop for improved repeatability, and a "hold" feature for continuous running. Freestanding operation is normal, but may be mounted via holes provided in bottom end flanges.

A sieve shaker with 3 inch test sieves on the white background.
3 inch sieve shaker.

3" sieve shakers
3" / 76 mm Sieve Shaker is designed for small samples of chemicals, minerals, pharmaceuticals, powdered metals, cosmetics, abrasives, ores, foods, and other fine powders. Useful range is 75 µm - 4.75 mm (No. 200 to No. 4 sieve sizes) with woven wire sieves, but many materials may be sized smaller using electroformed sieves.

High frequency, 3600 vpm, electromagnetic vibratory action with 0-100% amplitude control is ideal for fine particle separations. Inline solenoid-actuated tapping action may be used during vibration (60 taps/min.) to speed dry separations. Also use the tap separately for tap-settling and bulk density tests. During dry sieving, the tapping action redistributes the sample on the sieves, and breaks static blinding, helping to clear undersized particles rapidly.

Model SS-3 includes a platform assembly for up to seven full-height. 3" / 76 mm metal sieves and pan or 14 acrylic sieves and pan. The unique sieve clamping mechanism makes insertion and removal of the sieve stack simple and convenient, yet holds the sieves snugly during operation. The captive knobs on the clamping mechanism allow it to be raised with a quick twist, releasing the sieves. The mechanism remains at this height until the knobs are twisted in the opposite direction clamping the sieves in place. The Performer III's compact size, small footprint, and quiet operation make it an extremely desirable instrument for dry powder sample separations.

Model SS-3 features include an attractive, but rugged coated steel case, on/off controls for vibration and a manual/timed mode switch. A digital timer showing time set and time remaining, the numbered vibration control knob, and simple, efficient electromagnetic vibratory action enable the Performer III to give reliable, repeatable results. Optional stackable acrylic 3" / 76 mm see-through cylinder is helpful for observing sample action while leveling platform or for setting vibration.

  • Quiet, electromagnetic vibratory action.
  • 0-100% amplitude control.
  • Switchable tapping action.
  • Precise digital timing.
A heavy duty sieve shaker on the white background.
Heavy duty sieve shaker.

Heavy duty shaker
Heavy Duty motorized sieve shaker holds up to 10 full height 2" deep, 20 half height 1" deep plus pan and cover. The shaker has a three way shaking action. Each revolution imparts a horizontal and vertical movement and a jolting action. The platform moves side to side with a jolt at each change of direction, plus a slight upward movement. This creates a quick efficient movement and separation of material. The unit is designed with heavy duty steel parts and there are no chains, belts, or flywheels, to wear out, which minimizes downtime and results in a longer lasting shaker.

  • Can accomodate 8" and 12" sieves.
  • Side to side and tapping motions.
  • More capacity than most other sieve shakers.
  • Heavy duty tubular steel construction for rigidity and stability.
  • Heavy duty 1/3 horsepower motor.

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