Seven different sizes and opening sizes of test sieves on the white background.

Test Sieves

Test Sieves products are produced in a variety of diameter sizes, in both brass and stainless steel. Sieves are available with brass frame and mesh, brass frame with stainless steel mesh or stainless frame and mesh.

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Four working sieves on the white background with different height and opening.

Working Sieves

Working Sieves are available in Brass frames with brass or Stainless Steel mesh. Working sieves are used in a diverse range of industries that include construction, mining, food, soil testing pharmaceuticals.

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Two stainless steel materials woven sieves on the white background with different diameter and opening sizes.

Woven Mesh Test Sieves

Woven wire mesh sieves are supplied in materials of stainless steel wire, brass wire, aluminum wire, etc. With full wire diameters and types, this sieve is widely used in test.

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Seven perforated plate sieves on the white background with different diameters and opening.

Perforated Plate Sieves

Perforated plate sieves are manufactured with international standard. Perforated plate sieves can be supplied in frame materials of brass, stainless steel or plated steel. The sizes can be produced to order.

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Three perforated grading sieves in round holes and different diameters on the white background.

Grading Sieves

Grading Sieves: here shows the test sieves and woven wire mesh test sieves specification info. Test sieve is used for grading particle composition of various powder material.

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Two brass mesh test sieves and two rolls of brass woven mesh on the white background.

Brass Mesh Test Sieve

Brass Mesh Test Sieve: Sieves should be used with care, cleaned regularly and stored in a safe dry place. It is mainly used in metallurgy, abrasive, construction industries and research lab.

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Eleven different sizes and openings mid point test sieves on the table.

Mid-Point Test Sieves

Test sieves are measuring devices used to determine the size and size distribution of particles in a material sample using wire mesh of different openings to separate particles of different sizes.

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Two stainless steel certified test sieves with brass frames on the white background.

Mesh Certified Test Sieves

Mesh certified test sieves can provide and include a serial number that ties down the traceability to a each sieve. Mesh certified test sieves can be traceability or sieve testing.

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two grid sieves on the white background with one standing, some aggregates beside of the grid sieve.

Grid Sieves

Grid Sieves is for flakiness testing of aggregates. Each grid sieve comprises of a series of parallel bars secured to a strong but lightweight metal frame.

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Some diamonds in the stainless steel calibrated test sieve.

Calibrated Sieves

Calibrated sieve is inspected in accordance with the specification. Each sieve is supplied with a calibration certificate or inspection certificates giving the range of tolerances and measurements taken.

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Four grain test sieves with different grains on the white background.

Special Sieves

Here introduce some special sieves products. There are half height sieves, micro plate sieves, wet washing sieves, extra depth sieves, air jet sieves, grain sieves and so on.

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Sieve shaker with 8 inch test sieves on the white background.

Sieve Shakers

Sieve shakers have different sizes to suit for many special chemical test. This forced travel assures full use of sieve mesh area without precise leveling of the tester.

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Test Sieve Designation

Test Sieve Designation

Here is a data sheet about U.S.A. standard test sieve, and the reference standard is ASTM-E-11.

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