Grading Sieves

First, test sieve.

Name Kind Diameter* Height
Frame Thickness
National Standard International
Applied Field
Test sieve Woven Wire mesh 200*50 200*25 0.6~0.7 GB6003.1-1997 ISO3310

For the particle materials accurately screening and particle size measuring

in Chemical Industry

Punching metal plate 200*50 200*25 0.6~0.7 GB6003.2-1997 ISO3310


  1. It could be made by your requirement.
  2. Installed in the Slap-style experimental machine or standard screen machine, It is used for grading particle composition of various powder material.
  3. Screen frame is made of high quality stainless steel tensed and polished, the overall shape, durable. Mesh and screen frame are fixed by soldering, high temperature capability of 300 degrees below. The up and down screen frame is taken in cone shape, up and down completely sealed after installation, between screen frames electrostatic adsorption can be grounded to avoid, fine powders go smoothly.

Second, woven wire mesh test sieve.

Product Name Aperture of Square Mesh (mm) Aperture of Triangle Mesh (mm) Sieve Mesh Material
Woven wire mesh test sieve 0.02—2.36 mm ≥0.005 mm Brass H80,Stainless steelSUS304
Two woven type grading sieves on the white background.
Woven type grading sieves.
Three perforated grading sieves in round holes and different diameters on the white background.
Perforated type grading sieves.

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