Mesh Certified Test Sieves

If your process must have traceability or sieve testing is critical to your process or customer requirements, the mesh certified test sieve (MCTS) could be the solution. the manufacturing process is thorough and tuned to provide a consistent result. In addition, the MCTS are available at economical prices.

Two stainless steel certified test sieves with brass frames on the white background.
Brass frame stainless steel certified test sieve.
Two stainless steel test sieves on the white background with stainless steel frames.
Stainless steel frame certified test sieve.

Why use mesh certified test sieves?

The development of quality standards and procedures under the auspices of ISO have lead to a need for traceability to a base standard. Mesh Certified Test Sieves solve the problem of references to accepted wire mesh tolerances (ASTM or ISO) through information contained on the certificate that is provided with each sieve. The Mesh Certified Test Sieve we provide include a serial number that ties down the traceability to a each sieve.

Companies with test sieving operations that are critical to process and/or customer requirements use Mesh Certified Test Sieves to provide a known base line for evaluating sieve test results and to expose individual sieves that are out of tolerance. They are also used as masters (master stacks) to check deterioration in performance of the sieve units in every day use.

About the construction
Our factory is an ISO certified manufacturer. Hengfeng manufacturing tolerances for these mesh certified sieves are so tight that approximately 30% of the mesh inspected is discarded as not suitable for mesh certified sieves. This tight process control along with unique frame characteristics have given these sieves a World Class reputation. One of the special benefits of the sieve construction is a fillet. The fillet covers the solder connection between the mesh to the frame. This keeps particles from being caught in the crevices and makes cleaning easier.

Need tighter tolerances?
If you require even tighter tolerances please look at the mid-point test sieves (MPTS). If your needs are for heavy use and a lesser requirement for mesh tolerances, the Conformance Certified Working Sieves (CCWS) may be the product that best meets the balance of tolerance and cost.

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